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Re: Debian-amd64 sarge fresh install

Tong <mlist4suntong@yahoo.com> writes:

> Hi, 
> Could someone compile a quick reference on "fresh installing Debian-amd64
> sarge" for experienced Debian user please? By "for experienced Debian
> user" I mean, focus on bare-bone while omitting all "detailed-howtos".
> IIRC, all current documents (especially urls in them) are for SID. I have
> to gather pieces of information here and there for amd64 testing (sarge). 
> All that I read is that
> - netinst does not work: "The netboot would fail to find the modules" (?)

obsolete info

> - not all amd64 SID packages are available for sarge yet (?)

True but you probably won't need any of the few stragglers.

> - not all mirrors carry amd64 sarge yet (?)

Only full mirrors do currently.


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