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Re: Debian-amd64 sarge fresh install

Tong wrote:

Could someone compile a quick reference on "fresh installing Debian-amd64
sarge" for experienced Debian user please? By "for experienced Debian
user" I mean, focus on bare-bone while omitting all "detailed-howtos"


I installed debian-amd64 sarge about a week ago without difficulty. Be sure to start here:


The feb 20 sarge netinst image worked fine for me.


1. Download:


2. Burn to a CD using Debian-i386 cdrecord

3. When asked to edit the sources.list file use this:

deb http://debian-amd64.alioth.debian.org/debian-pure64 testing main contrib non-free


The above steps should work. If not, follow the instructions in the HOWTO. The debootstrap must be run using an 64 bit kernel not 32 bit if you want to make a chroot. The DFS contains several 64 bit kernels and 64 bit programs so i386 is not used for installation.

Save your /home directory from i386 Debian and just switch to amd64 Debian / mount. I don't need a 32 bit chroot so just follow the HOWTO if things like Open Office are important.

Be sure to report back here your install results for debian-amd64 sarge.


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