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Re: XF86Config-4 fixes for glxgears

Le 02.03.2005 10:29:52, Andrei Mikhailovsky a écrit :

How does your glxgears or opengl games behave in the fullscreen mode?

I have noticed previously that even though the glxgears game me a good
performance, the games ran horribly slow without the proprietary fglrx

Can people give me some ideas from their experience using the radeon
driver shipped with Xfree/Xorg.

As far as i remember from the XFree86.log file the radeon drivers do
support 3D acceleration and DRI in the the higher-end cards, such as
9600 and above. Is that still the case?

The free drivers support up to 9200, 9200E, 9250. High rnd cards are only supported in 2D, for 3D, you need the propretary drivers.

I've tested with both a 9250 and 9500.
fglrx are needed for the 9500 to get the 3D acceleration.

Many thanks for your help



On Wed, 2005-03-02 at 01:09 -0700, sarge netinst debian-pure64 wrote:
> sarge netinst debian-pure64 wrote:
> > My XF86Config-4 had dri after glx out of order causing this:
> > This is sarge debian-pure64 with 2.6.8 kernel and sarge XFree86
> +++++++++++++++
> Sorry, this was my fault not sarge. I don't want to set off alarms.
> The XF86Config-4 after sarge was installed did have dri before glx:
> Section "Module"
> 	Load	"GLcore"
> 	Load	"bitmap"
> 	Load	"dbe"
> 	Load	"ddc"
> 	Load	"dri"
> 	Load	"extmod"
> 	Load	"freetype"
> 	Load	"glx"
> 	Load	"int10"
> 	Load	"record"
> 	Load	"speedo"
> 	Load	"type1"
> 	Load	"vbe"
> EndSection
> ------------
> I copied my old XF86Config-4 from sid containing fossilized nVidia
> settings causing my problem not debian or debian-amd64.
> Sorry for the mixup.
> editor@postscript.port5.com

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