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Re: Help with installation

Hi Monty.
I've been following your efforts here with interest.  I'm not a developer, I'm 
a helper wanna be only.
I've followed your instructions to cross compile a 2.6.10 kernel for you.  One 
thing puzzles me, is that I've found that the .config file you put up at 
www.bc.cx/ doesn't have the speakup module "checked" to build it.
Is this what you wanted?
Chris W.
On February 19, 2005 03:27 am, monty_debian@bc.cx wrote:.
> Hello,
> First off, thanks very much to Aritz, Goswin and Kurt for your thurrough
> explainations regarding getting the pure64 distro installed via the
> debootstrap utility.
> I am definitely learning a lot about Debian and pure64!
> Unfortunately ignorance on my part has caused me to run up against a wall!
> In my original message I wrote that I had successfully compiled a 64-bit
> kernel with speakup  patched in.  What I didn't realise at the time is
> that I needed a toolchain for pure64  and needed to cross-compile the
> kernel.  What I did was just compiled it using a reasonably old version of
> gcc on my 32-bit Slackware environment and thought it would just work.
> Whoops!  Surprise after rebooting with this kernel I am not able to
> execute 64-bit binaries - including those installed by the debootstrap
> utility.  In fact, the debootstrap utility crapped-out half way through
> while it was trying to chroot and execute a 64-bit binary
> Since the whole process of cross-compiling a kernel containing speakup
> (involving toolchains etc)  seams quite complicated, I was wondering if
> one of you kind sirs would mind compiling me a kernel containing  the
> speakup  patch on  a 64-bit machine?
> In case this list doesn't allow attachments, I've put the two necessary
> files at the following URL's:
> http://www.bc.cx/.config
> http://www.bc.cx/checkout
> The above checkout script when executed will check-out speakup from the
> Speakup cvs and will patch it into the kernel tree.  You need to be in the
> /sr/src/linux directory when you execute the checkout script.  Also, the
> cvs password is "please".
> The above .config file is for 2.6.9.  A "make oldconfig" will bring it up
> to 2.6.10 if you prefer.  The version of the kernel doesn't much matter to
> me.  I just need it to include speakup, a module for my via_velocity
> network card, and I need the kernel to just be a standard bzImage/vmlinuz
> file so I can use it in my initial Slackware environment.  The .config
> file has all the necessary options set -  including speakup items and the
> via_velocity option.
> I would very much appreciate this if someone would be willing.  It will
> save me a lot of time and grief!  Plus my knowledge of cross-compiling and
> toolchains is a little weak!
> My E-mail address (see header of this message) is able to receive large
> attachments so please E-mail the kernel if you would.
> Thanks in advance - I'll get there eventually!
> Regards,
>   Monty
> On Fri, 18 Feb 2005, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> >monty_debian@bc.cx writes:
> >> I've been following the debian-amd64-howto and have elected to install
> >> the distro via the chroot method as I have a brand new machine with a
> >> blank hdd plus I need to boot with a custom 64-bit kernel because I need
> >> the kernel to have the Speakup screen reader compiled in.  (I'm blind)
> >
> >Hi, I think you are the first blind person on debian-amd64.
> >
> >For the i386 Debian-Installer there is an "access floppy" image for
> >blind people. I'm not sure what that entails (does it have speakup?)
> >but it would be good if you could test it and report back.
> >
> >Building something based on that for amd64 shouldn't be too hard if
> >you are willing and able.
> >
> >> Compiling the 64-bit kernel went OK and I am able to boot into a 64-bit
> >> environment as per the instructions in the howto.  I downloaded the
> >> sid-amd64-netinst iso and mounted it via loopback.
> >>
> >> I am not sure what to do next to initiate the installation process.  The
> >> howto indicated that there should be a debootstrap binary somewhere
> >> which I assume might get me on my way but I am unable to find a
> >> debootstrap binary anywhere on the iso.
> >
> >I think the HowTo exclusively assumes you are already running a Debian
> >system, there you just run "apt-get install debootstrap" to get the
> >binary installed.
> >
> >If you have an rpm-based system, you can use alien to convert the .deb
> >into .rpm, or download an rpm-ized version at
> >http://people.debian.org/~blade/install/debootstrap
> >
> >Or, you can use
> > http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/ch-preparing.en.html Section
> > 3.7.2 ff to install it manually.
> >
> >> The main Debian Sarge installation manual talks about a base.tgz file
> >> containing an installation binary but I assume (possibly incorrectly)
> >> that this can't be used in this case because it would be 32-bit.
> >
> >We don't generate a base.tgz for amd64 but instead the CD contains a
> >partial debian mirror that debootstrap can use directly. No unpacking
> >required.
> >
> >> Can anyone please direct me to where the installation binary is and
> >> anything else I need to do if indeed this is what I need to get the
> >> installation process underway.
> >>
> >> Thanks in advance,
> >>   Monty
> >
> >After installing debootstrap the following should work
> >(theoretically):
> >
> >debootstrap --arch=amd64 testing /wherever/chroot file:///cdrom/
> >
> >or directly from net without the CD:
> >
> >debootstrap --arch=amd64 testing /wherever/chroot
> > http://debian-amd64.alioth.debian.org/pure64
> >
> >
> >Hope that helped.
> >
> >MfG
> >        Goswin

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