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Re: Big filesystems.

On Tue, 2005-02-15 at 16:18 -0500, Adam Skutt wrote:

> What kernel?  What situation.  Unfortunately, especially as of late, 
> there have been several known "gotcha" situations that will cause data 
> corruption, especially under 2.6 (4K stacks being one, very full 
> fileystems another).

And the only common thread to all of these is XFS.  You can say that
maybe NFS is the problem, maybe this or that is the problem but the fact
is that all the other filesystems survive in the environment and not

Note that CIFS causes the same corruption that NFS does.  Is Samba also

Note that XFS will corrupt a loop device on any kernel.  I guess the
loop device isn't "below" XFS in your world view?

XFS is broken because it uses its own buffer management layer, imported
to the tune of 1000s of lines of code from Irix.  It maybe be in the
kernel but it doesn't use kernel facilities and/or it uses them

If you want to have a very large filesystem with lots of files *and* you
are only going to use it in the "normal" fashion - directly attached
storage not exported via NFS or CIFS - *and* you are only going to use
RHEL or SuSE kernels (not kernel.org) then you will probably be fine.
But you should realize what you are getting into.


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