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Time to test sarge


I declare testing season opened.

I think I have all the scripts for sarge straighted out now and
packages are progressing from sid to sarge at the same time they do in
Debian (+- a day). There are still some packages that are older in
sarge than in sid and not yet rebuild, only 12932 out of 14904 (for
main) debs are uploaded with more on the way.

So anyone willing to test testing, esspecialy a fresh install, can
point apt to:

deb http://debian-amd64.alioth.debian.org/debian-pure64 testing main contrib non-free

For a fresh install you need a netinst or monolithic CD as the
kernel-image udebs have not moved to sarge yet. The netboot would fail
to find the modules.

In case of failures I need to know the name of the missing package so
I can fasttrack them. I'm sure some basic thing is stuck at the end of
the queue.


PS: 'debian-pure64 sid' works also and should be a 1:1 of pure64

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