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Re: Re: Another go at the Abit AV8 Pro 1.1

On Thu, 10 Feb 2005 18:25:03 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time), garymary
<garymary@highstream.net> wrote:
> HI, 
>  I understand you are having problems with the Abit AV8 motherboard paired
> with the AMD 64 3400+ cpu, well, for one obvious problem I see is the
> motherboard and cpu mismatch. 
> The Abit AV8 motherboard is a 939 socket, the AMD 3400+ is a 754 socket,
> while the cpu may fit on the mobo you won't be able to use the dual channel
> memory feature and I suspect the mismatch would cause other problems as
> well.

Apparently AMD also sells a 939 pin 3400+ CPU as that is how mine is
marked. (OK, I didn't look for a 939 designation, but the number of
pins is approximately the number of holes in the socket. ;)

My BIOS reports that memory is operating in dual channel mode on
startup. After replacing it twice to solve instability problems with
RAM in slots 3 and 4, it now seems to be rock solid. (Seems to be
because in about a week, I have one lockup. I will probably move the
RAM back to slots 1,2 because that is the first hang I have
experienced with my setup.)

My setup incidentally is an AV8 1.1, 3400+, 2x 512GB PC3200 GEIL Value RAM.


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