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swh-plugins package crashes gstreamer0.8-anything...

Bug report on amd64: for some time, I had been puzzled by the postinst of all gstreamer0.8 output plugins segfaulting, namely gst-compprep-0.8 would segfault. After getting sick at it, since my system works otherwise very well, I investigated this a bit further using strace, and found out that the segfault happened immediately after opening some ladspa libraries. Some digging later, to single out the culprit, I foud that if I uninstalled the swh-plugins package gst-compprep-0.8 would not segfault any more. Now I have a fully working gstreamer, and do not miss much swh-plugins, but perhaps somebody will be interested in knowing about this problem, perhaps adding a note or a conflicts in the amd64 version of swh-plugins to avoid other people unneededly wasting time on the same problem or even digging into the code with a debugger, finding and correcting the underlying bug.



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