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Re: Kernel panic with latest iso's

"Marcos Hdez." <porcalladas@yahoo.es> writes:

>     Hi! I'm new in here. I'm trying to install from the netinstall iso and
> still the same problem. Does anybody know where to report the bug?

Here's about right.

Are you sure you have the sid netinstall iso?

>     By the way, can I do a network installation with the netboot or monolithic
> isos?

- mini and netboot just boot from CD and do everything over the net.

- monolithic is like netboot but has all modules preinstalled.

- netinstall installs a full Debian base system from CD

There isn't a good reason for those names.

The netinstall iso is old (kernel 2.6.8) and known to work. The
netboot isos are known to panic, hopefully fixed tonight.

>     Thanks a lot!!
>     Marcos Hdez.
> SpikeyGG escribió:
>                Yeah, I installed my system about a week ago using the
>      mini.iso off the netinst directory and it worked like a charm.  MSI
>      K8N Neo2 Platinum installing on 2 SATA drives in a mirrored array. 

Don't use softraid bios if you use only Linux. Use Linuxs own software
raid support.

>      I just wanted to set it up and decide if the AMD64 port works well
>      enough to use as a HTPC.  I've decided that it's more stable that I
>      expected and that there are more 64bit packages than I know what to
>      do with. 
>             So I wanted to wipe it clean and redistribute my array to
>      account for some swap space and make it more redundant.  I tried to
>      use the CD that I used before and when it got to the "downloading
>      stuff" portion of the install it complained that there weren't and

Netinst never downloads prior to the reboot into the real system. So
you must have a netboot iso.


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