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Re: Kernel panic with latest iso's

    Hi! I'm new in here. I'm trying to install from the netinstall iso and still the same problem. Does anybody know where to report the bug?

    By the way, can I do a network installation with the netboot or monolithic isos?

    Thanks a lot!!

    Marcos Hdez.

SpikeyGG escribió:
Yeah, I installed my system about a week ago using the mini.iso off the netinst directory and it worked like a charm.  MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum installing on 2 SATA drives in a mirrored array.  I just wanted to set it up and decide if the AMD64 port works well enough to use as a HTPC.  I've decided that it's more stable that I expected and that there are more 64bit packages than I know what to do with. 
  So I wanted to wipe it clean and redistribute my array to account for some swap space and make it more redundant.  I tried to use the CD that I used before and when it got to the "downloading stuff" portion of the install it complained that there weren't and kernel images matching the one I was using.  Something about "it probably won't work if you continue without kernel sources".  Since I didn't want it not to work, I figured better get the latest image.
  I went and downloaded mini.iso dated from TODAY, Feb-6th and burned it to a CD (I've learned to start using RW discs instead of coastering a 4.4MB CDR, only did it once - thank you) and tried to boot off of it.  Same thing as you, I get the kernel panic: can't mount root fs.  I was worried that the installer didn't know what to do with my raid array so I tried unplugging the drives so that they aren't even there to see and it still panic-ed.  Must be an issue with the installer.
We'll just have to wait to install it till they fix the panic, it's worth the wait.  I just wish I knew who needs to know so I could tell them!

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