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python and automake error

I'm trying to make amd64 package of ibuild 0.34.

dpkg-buildpackage works if I use debian source package available from

deb-src http://www.morphix.org/debian/ ./

If i use "autoconf ; automake ; autoreconf" on source (I'd supposedly have to do this on cvs source) the autoreconf pops the following error:

aclocal.m4: 374: `jm_MAINTAINER_MODE' is obsolete; use `AM_MAINTAINER_MODE'
aclocal: configure.ac: 12: macro `AM_PATH_PYTHON' not found in library
autoreconf: aclocal failed with exit status: 1

I tried this in 32bit i386 chroot and it worked okay, so I suspect there's a bug in amd64 build?

Gašper Žejn

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