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Re: How to get SATA detected via netinstall

On Thu, Feb 03, 2005 at 06:01:14PM +0100, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
> Hello,
> (please CC: me on replies, thanks)
> I downloaded
> http://debian-amd64.alioth.debian.org/debian-installer/2005-02-01/netboot/mini.iso
> and booted the installer with "expert". I was able to set up the
> network and get the full list of d-i. However, my SATA disk is not
> detected at all, and I get a screen telling me (roughly translated
> back into english):
> Some modules could not be loaded
> For a few pices of your hardware no linux-kernel modules are
> available. If you continue with the installation it could be, that
> theses modules are available later.
> The missing modules and the devices, which need theses, are: sata_nv
> (NVIDIA Corporation nForce3 SATA2), usb-storage (USB storage),
> ide-core (Linux IDE supoport), ide-mod (Linux IDE driver),
> ide-probe-mod (Linux IDE probe driver), ide-detect (Linux IDE
> detection), ide-generic (Linux IDE support), ide-floppy (Linux IDE
> floppy), ide-disk (Linux ATA DISK), ide-cd (Linuix ATAPI CD-ROM),
> isofs (Linux ISO 9660 filesystem), sr_mod (SCSI CDROM)
> I tried two different mirrors, and both times got the same result. I
> could ignore this, but as said above, later on no hard disk is
> detected (expected from the module list).
> On the IDE primary master there is the DVD-burner which I booted from,
> on the third master the SATA disk (which is seen by the BIOS).
> The board is a MSI K8N NEO2 (NForce 3) and the SATA disk is blank.
> Is this board supported by d-i or where do I get the IDE-modules?

If this is using 2.6.8 kernel (not sure the installer has moved to
2.6.10 yet) there are known problems loading some sata drivers.  Check
the mailing list archies for the last month or so and you should find
some hints on it.  I can't remember the solution off hand.

Len Sorensen

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