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How to get SATA detected via netinstall

(please CC: me on replies, thanks)
I downloaded

and booted the installer with "expert". I was able to set up the
network and get the full list of d-i. However, my SATA disk is not
detected at all, and I get a screen telling me (roughly translated
back into english):

Some modules could not be loaded
For a few pices of your hardware no linux-kernel modules are
available. If you continue with the installation it could be, that
theses modules are available later.

The missing modules and the devices, which need theses, are: sata_nv
(NVIDIA Corporation nForce3 SATA2), usb-storage (USB storage),
ide-core (Linux IDE supoport), ide-mod (Linux IDE driver),
ide-probe-mod (Linux IDE probe driver), ide-detect (Linux IDE
detection), ide-generic (Linux IDE support), ide-floppy (Linux IDE
floppy), ide-disk (Linux ATA DISK), ide-cd (Linuix ATAPI CD-ROM),
isofs (Linux ISO 9660 filesystem), sr_mod (SCSI CDROM)

I tried two different mirrors, and both times got the same result. I
could ignore this, but as said above, later on no hard disk is
detected (expected from the module list).

On the IDE primary master there is the DVD-burner which I booted from,
on the third master the SATA disk (which is seen by the BIOS).

The board is a MSI K8N NEO2 (NForce 3) and the SATA disk is blank.

Is this board supported by d-i or where do I get the IDE-modules?



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