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Re: Audio tests on pure64

Hi Norval,

> Sorry for late reply, been away..

Don't worry about it, it's really helpful.

> I installed jamin*, started jackd, and started jamin.
> The GUI came up OK and jamin shows up in the JACK audio connection
> kit.

Must be just my system then. I'll dist-upgrade and see if it still 

> Haven't used it yet... I have to learn how! 

It's a specialist tool, so it's not very obvious. Basically you 
connect the input to your music-making software and the output to a 
Jack-capable recorder or your speakers. Then try using the automatic 
gain makeup setting on each of the three compressors, hit the bypass 
button and see if you can hear the difference.

For mastering theory I recommend Bob Katz's book published by Focal 
Press, but there's a lot to learn!  


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