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Re: suggestions for a 64 bit laptop?

On 01 Feb 2005, Alex Perry wrote:
> Lennart's notes also apply to the E-machines / Gateway series.
> Having said that, we're quite happy with our half dozen machines.

	It's also worth mentioning that earlier produced machines
based on the Arima W730-K8 DTR design usually require a BIOS
update which is almost impossible to get directly from the
manufacturer.  I'm running on the eMachine M6805 currently using
the M6811 BIOS 0F07.P00 available from:

	Before upgrading, I had to disable ACPI, APIC, etc. to
get the laptop to boot without freezing.  With the newer BIOS,
everything works as expected.

	And with the possible exception of the modem, everything
seems to be supported at this point finally.  The ATI driver is
brand new, so all the normal warnings apply.

	As for me, I'm also waiting for a newer, faster laptop
based around an Athlon 64.  Something with the mobile ATI X800 or
nVidia mobile 6800 preferably, but I'm not holding my breath.
After the Arima machine came out, no one seemed to want to do
anything else with the idea.  Maybe once Windows 64 comes out
there will be more interest from the hardware manufacturers.

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