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Re: suggestions for a 64 bit laptop?

On Tue, 1 Feb 2005 10:45:28 -0500, Lennart Sorensen
<lsorense@csclub.uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 01, 2005 at 10:36:21AM -0500, Disconnect wrote:
> > FWIW I have had very few problems with my Ferrari 3200. (And its
> > pretty ;) ..) Haven't tried the internal modem, but the ethernet works
> > like a champ, ndiswrapper now supports the wifi (using it now) without
> > issues, and the LCD is nice and crisp (1400x1050). AFAIK no 3d
> > support, but thats an issue in most amd64 setups. (And it uses the
> > mobile amd64, instead of the "low power" one, so it gets passable
> > battery life.)
> I think the 3 hours the Compaq R3240 gets is pretty decent for an Athlon
> 64 3200.  And from what I have seen 3D support is working great if you
> have an nvidia chip.  Having looked at the specs of the 'Ferrari' I
> personally thought it was a pathetic design to put that name on.  They
> didn't even use the fastest mobile athlon 64, or a video chip with 64bit 
> support (even in windows).  And calling something with a 2800 cpu a 3200
> model is a great way to confuse (or potentially trick) customers.

About the same here, at least under Linux. (Using ondemand or cpudynd,
haven't tried it all-out.) I haven't used nvidia since way way back
when it was a total disaster, so I can't speak there. As far as the
specs, bear in mind the 3200 has been out for quite a while. It used
the -first- mobile athlon 64 chip and at the time, was the only one to
do so. (Well.. there was a company in China supposedly making them.
Never found details.) The 'low power' chips went faster, but they were
basically desktop chips with an 800mhz 'powersave' setting. (Want to
talk battery life..? Many of those were 1.5 hours 'real world', 2
hours on paper..)

On a similar vein, when it shipped XP64 didn't have -any- drivers
beyond basic keyboard/mouse/ethernet.  (Haven't tried it, but looking
at ATI's driver page reveals a driver for XP-64 and the radeon 9600.)

The new one is the 3400. Haven't looked at the specs recently, so I
can't speak for it. (And rereading the original post, he asked for
known-working machines with larger displays. This qualifies. Probably
the 3400 does as well.)

Talking about how its outdated -now- is like pointing at someone's 8
year old desktop-turned-firewall (or desktop-turned-doorstop) and
saying it sucks, cost too much, etc.

> It sure is pretty though.  I guess they got one thing right.  Well a
> multiformat DVD writer might count as getting two things right.

Works like a champ.

Disconnect <dc.disconnect@gmail.com>

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