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Re: suggestions for a 64 bit laptop?

FWIW I have had very few problems with my Ferrari 3200. (And its
pretty ;) ..) Haven't tried the internal modem, but the ethernet works
like a champ, ndiswrapper now supports the wifi (using it now) without
issues, and the LCD is nice and crisp (1400x1050). AFAIK no 3d
support, but thats an issue in most amd64 setups. (And it uses the
mobile amd64, instead of the "low power" one, so it gets passable
battery life.)

Oh. And no pcmcia problems.

On Tue, 1 Feb 2005 15:59:54 +0100, Lorenzo Milesi
<lorenzo.milesi@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have an Asus A2K.
> I had troubles with the modem, now supported by Linuxant.
> The integrated wifi is a Broadcomm, now supported by Ndiswrapper and
> Driverloader.
> The PCMCIA slot was the hardest one, as I experienced the same
> problems of some Compaq R3000 laptops. It's fixable with a "setpci" or
> a kernel patch (...).
> The video card is an Ati, so as said before their support to linux
> and/or amd64 is worse than Nvidia's. I still haven't tried s-video
> out, but I guess it won't work.
> Btw it's just a 15".
> maxxer
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