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Re: amd64(gcc4): aptitude dumps core

On 05-Jan-13 09:34, Giacomo Mulas wrote:
> If I understood things correctly, the pure64 archive is the one which is 
> supposed to become the official debian unstable distribution. The "gcc34" 
> version, which is actually compiled with the latest compiler to maximise 
> optimisation, is a little bit more on the experimental side. If you favour 
> maximum stability, use pure64, if you accept a little bit more instability 
> for (supposedly) best performance, go with gcc34. By the way, at least 
> some of this instability is probably due to the fact that not all of the 
> archive has been recompiled with gcc4, and there is some binary library 
> incompatibility bitween the two. This will go away in time.

Since the beginning of December 2004 almost every new package version 
for the gcc-3.4 archive has been compiled with gcc4. Up to now,
more than 2000 source packages (i.e. roughly 25% of all source packages)
in the gcc-3.4 archive have been built using gcc4.

My plan is to rebuild the complete archive with gcc4 and upload the 
resulting packages to alioth during the next month. When this upload 
has been completed, the name of the current 'gcc-3.4' archive will be 
changed to 'gcc4'.

I apologize for any inconveniece caused by this transition, but I think
it is worth the efforts. Gcc4 has already detected a large number 
of amd64 related errors in many packages because of its stricter 
warnings concerning dubious pointer-to-integer conversions.
Finding and fixing those errors will likely also help the pure64 archive.

Every report of a bug or a problem in the gcc-3.4 archive will
be greatly appreciated and I will of course try to provide fixes
as soon as possible.

Andreas Jochens

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