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Re: nvidia drivers

Hi all,

While we are at it... is it possible to get the a 32bit userspace to work against a 64 bit kernel? I am having troubles at the moment just getting the module compiled (I have the 32bit userspace, and the standard scripts are not passing the right magic in the right places...)

I am hoping that it is possible, but I seem to recall seeing somewhere that it wasn't... I guess I will find out soon enough... but if anyone can say that I am wasting my time that is also useful ;-)


On Dec 21, 2004, at 7:56, Kunjan Shah wrote:

i found this guide
maybe help some of u there

On Sun, 19 Dec 2004 13:54:01 +0000, Rafael Rodríguez
<apt-drink@gulic.org> wrote:
...wasn't aware of it! thx! :)

Rafael Rodríguez

El Domingo, 19 de Diciembre de 2004 13:19, Frederik Schueler escribió:
You need to add contrib and non-free to your sources-list if you want to
use the nvidia drivers.

On Sun, Dec 19, 2004 at 09:58:08AM +0000, Rafael Rodríguez wrote:
deb-src http://bach.hpc2n.umu.se/pure64 sid main

Frederik Schueler

Kunjan Shah

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