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Re: MSI neo2-f (via + realtek)

Tom Vier wrote:

Anyone have one working (or not)? How's via support? I've heard of some
problems with the realtek gbit driver.

I'm specing out some machines i'm going to put together, so any yay or nay
reports would be helpful. Thanks.

Just a little while back, I was talking here about severe problems with a similar setup. However, I have two of these systems and only one is causing havoc, so I'm quite sure it's a faulty motherboard.

The other system with K8T Neo, Athlon64 3000+, 512 MB and a lot of random hard disks hasn't had any stability issues. I've used the r8169 internal lan without problems, even at very high continual network loads.

Outside of MSI products, I have half a dozen other AMD64 systems with the same Via K8T800(or Pro) chipset and no stability issues have come up. Only the MSI's have the r8169 LAN though, others use via-velocity.

To sum it up, from what I hear there have been a number of faulty MSI motherboards in the Athlon 64 series. Much more than what I've come to expect from MSI. But once it works, it works well.


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