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Re: Unofficial multimedia repository

Johan Groth wrote:

David Liontooth wrote:

Christian Marillat has maintained an unofficial repository of Debian packages relating to multimedia applications for several years; cf. http://debian.video.free.fr/

He's now set up an amd64 version of the repository:

   deb http://cyberspace.ucla.edu/marillat/ unstable main

The repository is working, but the packages have just been built for the first time and there may be issues. Major packages include ffmpeg, mjpegtools, mplayer,
qdvdplayer, and transcode.

For legal reasons, libdvdcss will be available from:

   deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main

Some of the upstream applications are still being ported, for instance xvid and transcode, so YMMV, but let Christian (not BTS) know if there are problems with
the packaging.

Has the assembly code in these packages been ported as well?


You would have to track the invidual projects. xvid has just merged asm patches,
but they are not yet released.


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