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Re: strategy for setting up an AMD64 system

Hank Barta wrote:

My other questions revolve around motherboards. At present I lean
toward a socket 939 board and it seems like a lot of them have
embedded LAN, IEEE-1394, sound and even RAID controllers. I've done
some googling but not really been able to determine which boards have
64 bit support for most or all of the embedded peripherals. (I don't
really care about the built in Winmodem. ;) At a minimum I'd like to
avoid anything that is likely to never have a driver due to current
vendor disclosure policies.  I'd like to hear recommendations for
particular boards that are either known to work well (or not.) I'll
also listen arguments to consider other socket type AMD 64 bit
processors. Select Opteron and allow for the possibility to add a
second processor? (Though this is probably stretching the charter of
this list a bit.)

You can always refer to the amd64 motherboard compatibility list here: https://alioth.debian.org/docman/view.php/30192/27/mainboards.html.

If you choose one of those I would say that a 64bit install with a 32 chroot has a very high probability to work (did for me).


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