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Re: [ Spam 50 ]::Mplayer?

Ernest jw ter Kuile wrote:
On Tuesday 23 November 2004 10:56, Johan Groth wrote:

It is not that difficult to compile by yourself.

I did that, and did some experimenting with it, using the 32 bit version of mencoder as reference.

For some reason the 32bit mencoder beats the hell out of the 64 bit version on the same hardware ! and I'm talking at about 2 x the speed !

Don't really know why, although I can imagine the 32bit version includes some specific assembly optimisation, missing from the 64bit version.

That is most likely. I needed to get a special version of xvid 1.0.2 which included mmx assembly for amd64 using the yasm assembler. I'm waiting for someone with more time on their hands than me :) also convertes the assembler routines in transcode.


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