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Re: USB-Flash <-> uba?

Another point ub module has read and writes that are slower than good
old usb-storage module. Don't have the timing here but their is a real

Good luck. 


>>>>> "Theodore" == Theodore Kisner <kisner@physics.ucsb.edu> writes:

 Theodore> I've had some flakiness issues with the ub driver in 2.6.9.
 Theodore> As an alternative, one can simply disable it in the kernel
 Theodore> config, and then usb drives use the old behaviour
 Theodore> (usb-storage, show up as scsi disk, etc). Just something
 Theodore> else to keep in mind, if you prefer the old method.

 Theodore> -Ted

 Theodore> On Thursday 18 November 2004 21:44, Sten Viktor Håkonsen
 Theodore> wrote:
 >> Hi
 >> I had a similar problem on my 2.6.9 kernel. dmesg said:
 >> Nov 19 05:50:23 diskless kernel: usb 4-1: new full speed USB
 >> device using address 2 Nov 19 05:50:23 diskless usb.agent[4432]:
 >> ub: already loaded Nov 19 05:50:24 diskless kernel: uba: device 2
 >> capacity nsec 516096 bsize 512 Nov 19 05:50:24 diskless kernel:
 >> uba: was not changed Nov 19 05:50:24 diskless kernel: uba: uba1
 >> After poking around a bit, I saw a logfile from somedude I dont
 >> remember, I discovered that he had a module named "udev" that
 >> removed /dev/uba1 on disconnecting a pendrive. So I installed the
 >> package "udev" and VOILA, it worked fine to mount "/dev/uba1".
 >> Hope this helps some of u guys out there
 >> Best regards
 >> Sten Viktor

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