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Minimal server hardware configuration


I am planning to build a "personal server" to run Debian AMD64.  I want to build this system as
cheaply and have as little unnecessary hardware as possible.

I won't have a monitor on the system (certainly not a permanent one anyway) and was planning to
remotely administer it using ssh (after installation).  As for the initial installation, I was
hoping to use a serial cable to send the console output to a terminal on another linux PC, if this
is possible.

Initially I was going use a Gigabyte GA-K8VM800M (with integrated graphics) because it will be a
text only system (no X).  But I couldn't find this motherboard in the compatibility list.  I also
began to have doubts based on the fact that it was probably an "entry-level" motherboard and
although I want save money by omitting unnecessary features and components, I don't want to
cripple my system, I want it to have sound basic components.

So I began thinking in terms of a motherboard without graphics and a cheap video card.  But such
motherboards are more expensive and the minimum amount I could get a graphics card (a 9200 SE) was
about $A85 adding significantly to the cost.

Since my system was going to be text only and remotely administered, I began to wonder, did I need
physical video hardware at all?


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