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Re: Incommunicado after winxp/vmware access over NFS

Lennart Sorensen wrote:

On Fri, Oct 29, 2004 at 07:56:41PM -0700, David Liontooth wrote:
Not terribly exciting, but my amd64 sid box (Thunder K8S/AMD-8111/3ware 8506/Broadcomm 5700) let me down for the first time today, after months of rock-solid performance. I was running WinXP over VMware on another computer (x86), and accessing the RAID volume over NFS (and Samba, which is how VMware sees beyond its navel). I've had trouble doing that before on amd64 -- able to read, but not write, and the connections were miserably slow. This setup has always worked fine on x86 boxes.

This time the amd64 box simply cut me off. I couldn't even get a local display and it was unresponsive to the keyboard. ping came up empty. I guess I could have waited a long time, but I just warm booted.

To complicate things, I run VMware over a remote X-windows connection, but I don't think that mattered -- it's just WinXP having problems. Is there simply a 32/64-bit conflict, as WinXP is obviously 32-bit and can't quite grok 64-bit NFS? So this simply should be expected not to work that well? Or a VMware problem? -- this is 4 rather than 4.5. But the failure didn't crash WinXP or VMware, it just rendered my 64-bit Linux friend incommunicado.

Well there are patches against vmware that mention amd64 changes, such
as vmware-any-any-update83.  A google search should find the patch
website with a list of changes.  not sure if current patches are for
4.5.x only or if 4.x is still being supported (I can't think of ny good
reason not to upgrade to 4.5 though, given it's a free upgrade from
4.0).  The patches are probably past 83 now, but I remember that one
mentioning amd64 at least.

Len Sorensen

Thanks, Len -- I didn't realize the upgrade was free, so that's very useful.
It turns out the problem can't have been vmware after all, however, as the
same thing happened when I wasn't using it. I reverted the most recent
change, which was upgrading the hotplug package, and it hasn't happened
again, but this is not a diagnosis.

I'll upgrade VMware anyway -- if I can run it on the amd64, that would be very cool -- but it would mean running a 32-bit app within a pure64 environment. My guess is
that VMware 4.5 won't run in our pure64 Debian -- is that correct?


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