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Re: Bug#277972: glibc: Please change the remaining instances of 'lib64' to 'lib' on amd64

On 04-Oct-30 16:55, Bill Allombert wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 30, 2004 at 04:12:01PM +0200, Andreas Jochens wrote:
> > Anyway, if you intend to run binaries on different distributions,
> > you should create binaries which conform to the LSB standard and you 
> > should install the LSB compatibility package on the target 
> > system. Otherwise you will certainly have more serious problems
> > than the location of the interpreter.
> Does the LSB compatibility package for RedHat or Suse provide such a 
> symlink ?

The LSB compatibility packages for Debian, RedHat and Suse install a 
special symlink which is defined by the LSB as 'ld-lsb-x86-64.so.1' 
instead of 'ld-linux-x86-64.so.2'. The LSB specifies that 
conforming binaries have to use that symlink. Such binaries can be
compiled by passing the switch 


to the gcc compiler.

Andreas Jochens

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