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Re: Kernel panic 2.6.8-9, unable to boot at all

John Goerzen wrote on 2004-10-30 19:19:
I checked your site and DFS files are all non-amd64, yet
there is an amd64 image in there

Grab the i386 version.  It has both i386 and amd64 kernels on it.
Just pick the amd64 kernel from the Grub menu and you're set.

d/l'ing as I write.


If I placed it in the /boot of the machine (under knoppix),
would it work with these in grub

It should.  Just make sure you delete the initrd line.  It'll probably
give you enough to get to a root prompt, but then you'll need to
compile or install your own kernel, since this one doesn't support
things like sound or DRI.

Tries it; but I ended up with a different kernel panic: It keeps
asking for an 'initrd' value. Apparently, 'initrd' just has to
be given.

Just out of curiosity --and ignorance :-) --, why do we need
anything other than vmlinuz. Why can't the whole thing be a
large singular blob :-)

It's actually not all that painful under Debian.  There's a Linux
kernel building HOWTO out there.  You can use its instructions to
configure that kernel, and then:

make-kpkg --rootcmd=fakeroot kernel_image

to roll your own .deb of the new kernel.

If you can figure out partitioning, OS installation, bootloaders,
etc., you can figure out kernel building :-)

Kernel building? Ha! The moment I get myself out of this mess,
I shall set off to climb Mt Everest --no less :-)


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