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Simplified example in debian amd64 howto


In the Debian GNU/Linux AMD64 HOW-TO there is an example that I needed
to study for way too long before I realized it was really quite simple.

  /usr/bin/dchroot -c ia32 -d "`echo $0 | sed 's|^.*/||'` $*"

That echo and sed can be stated much more simply as 'basename'.  And
is the full path to dchroot really needed?  Hard coded paths are
Evil.  Let me suggest that the example be rewritten as follows.

  exec dchroot -c ia32 -d $(basename $0) "$@"

I believe that to be much more readable.  I am hoping this catches the
eye of one of the authors and the howto can be improved.


P.S. Thanks for the Debian GNU/Linux AMD64 HOW-TO.  It has been very

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