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Re: Working ia32-linux chroot image

Peter Nelson wrote:
> >>I've decided to share it.  You can download a tar.bz with
> >>instructions on how to use it from my site here:
> >>
> >><http://rufus.hackish.org/wiki/I386Chroot>

One thing that you don't mention in your wiki that I think would be
very useful is dchroot.  I love it.  It really makes running 32-bit
apps in 64-bit space easy.  This is documented in the debian amd64
howto.  But I am going to repeat it here because it is too useful to
be without.


Here are some quick howto notes:

  apt-get install dchroot

Add the following to /etc/dchroot.conf:

  ia32 /emul/ia32-linux

If /home, /tmp and /proc are mounted in the chroot using 'bind' mounts
then both local files and the X11 display and process listing will be
available from within the chroot.  This is easily set up with the

In /etc/fstab:

  /proc  /emul/ia32-linux/proc  none  bind  0  0
  /home  /emul/ia32-linux/home  none  bind  0  0
  /tmp   /emul/ia32-linux/tmp   none  bind  0  0

With this in place it is trivially easy to apt install into the

  sudo dchroot apt-get update
  sudo dchroot apt-get install packagefoo

And to run it is also easy.  (The -d is needed when $DISPLAY is needed.)

  dchroot -d firefox

A script such as the following will generically run in the chroot.  I
called it 'ia32-exec' and link it to program names that I always want
to run in the 32-bit space such as firefox and openoffice.

  exec dchroot -c ia32 -d $(basename $0) "$@"

Then use it with symlinked program names like this:

  ln -sf ia32-exec /usr/local/bin/openoffice


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