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Re: korganizer crash

It crashes for me as well (I'm using the gcc-3.4 branch)...


On Friday 22 October 2004 07:20, Ryan wrote:
> On Wednesday 13 October 2004 01:24 pm, Andreas Richter wrote:
> > when i try to start korganizer it crashs. can anybody run the program on
> > debian-amd64?
> Same problem here. KOrganizer was working a couple months ago, but one of
> the daily updates broke it (the move to KDE 3.2-beta I think). I
> incorrectly assumed that enough people used it that it would be fixed in
> short order. So is the problem that nobody uses KOrganizer or is it just
> not crashing for everybody?
> If it's the latter, what useful information could I provide to aid in
> solving the problem?
> Thanks,
> Ryan VanMiddlesworth

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