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Re: AMD64 mainboard with X-PCI ?

Am 2004-10-22 16:28:00, schrieb Erik Mouw:
> On Fri, Oct 22, 2004 at 01:00:11PM +0200, Michelle Konzack wrote:

> You can put PCI-X cards in PCI slots. We have two dual Athlon boxes
> each with an Intel dual E1000 server adapter in a PCI 64/66 slot and
> that works just fine. I haven't tried them in a PCI-32/33 slot, but I
> expect that would work fine, too. (that's at least the theory behind
> it).

I know, this is wahat I do curently, but I need an AMD64(fx) or
an Opteron for developing 64-Bit-Applications. 

P4 are no problem to get with PCI-X... 100-140 Euro !!! :-(

> Erik


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