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Re: network probs on HP xw8200

On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 21:22:55 -0400, Eric Sharkey <sharkey@netrics.com> wrote:
> When I've seen it, the cause has been a bad autonegotiation, where
> one half of the link thinks the line is full duplex, and the other
> half of the link doesn't support it.  Everything starts out ok, but
> then TCP acknowledgements get lost because they're transmitted at
> the same time as another packet in the other direction, and then
> everything slows down to a trickle.
> What is on the other end of your network line?

On the other end is an OpenBSD box providing NAT services to this
private network, and beyond that, an Extreme Networks switch.  But
this setup works fine for at least a dozen users running every type of
hardware and OS you can imagine.

And as I said, when I install Redhat, this same box works fine.  It's
just when I install Debian/AMD64 that I have these network problems,
so it must be something with the software (kernel?).  I just have no
idea what it could be.


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