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Re: Nvidia direct rendering in chroot


maybe the libGL.so(.0) link points to the xmesagl library.

I extended the i386 debian nvidia packages from sid/non-free to also
support amd64. You can find them under the following location:


Theres also a ia32 package which installs the 32bit version the
GL library into the ia32-libs tree.


On Thu, Oct 21, 2004 at 10:25:15AM -0700, Joe Oppegaard wrote:
> I'm running pure64 and successfully got the nvidia drivers installed 
> following this [1] technique. I've also setup an i386 chroot following 
> the how-to. Everything is working great, except for direct rendering in 
> my chroot - it's missing many client glx extensions, glx extensions, and 
> ...
>   direct redering: No
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