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Re: Install report: Asus K8N-E (deluxe)

Slava Risenberg wrote:
Hi there!
I have a motherboard Gigabyte K8NS, with the same chipset as yours -
NVidia 250GB. I'm using default kernel which comes with sid, and I have
a problem with my second disc, which is SATA and unvisible. As I guess,
I should replace sata_nv with sata_sil to get SATA working. I tried to
rmmod sata_nv and modprobe sata_sil - but nothing has happened.
Probably I have to recompile the kernel with custom options? Will you
please to post your kernel config file?

It looks like you have run into this (also an issue in 32 bit 2.6.8+ kernels):


I "solved" this problem on my k8n-e deluxe using the old depreciated kernel module. If you use this, remember that the disk will be named /dev/hd* instead of /dev/sd*. Also make sure that the new libata modules are not loaded, as they conflict with this.


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