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After reading the howto and browsing the mailing list I am still confused about the debian version(s) of amd64.

So I here is my situation.
In the company I working we are developing a project involving physics, 3d, opengl, gtk and more. We are currently using debian sarge on i386 but we decided to switch to pure 64 bit amd64 hardware. We want a pure 64 bit environment and we do not care about openoffice / flash or any commercial software. We already ordered 3 amd64 boxes and they arriving tomorrow, so it's time to decide what distro/version to install.

And here are my questions:
* How does debian amd64 compares with other distros (suse, fedora) in terms of stability and 64 bit efficiency? * What is the difference between pure64 and gcc-3.4? I saw somewhere that gcc-3.4 binaries run faster. Is there a catch? * The mailing list left me with the impression that sarge is not ready yet, is it?. Does it keep up with the i386 sarge? Can it be installed like an i386 sarge (net inst->base system->package installation)?

I personally like the idea of the gcc-3.4, since it looks like the "most" 64 bit version. However this is not intended for my home pc and I would not like to make difficult the life of my colleagues who are not experienced Linux users.

Any help would be appreciated.



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