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Re: Confused

On Mon, Oct 18, 2004 at 05:51:58PM +0200, Sebastian Steinlechner wrote:
> Well, official sarge is going to be released "soon". amd64 sarge is
> actually a symlink to sid, afaik (correct me if I'm wrong). As for
> installation, there are debian installer CD images available for amd64.
> Generic, i.e. i386, netinstall images wouldn't work.

We have 3 archives on alioth:

pure64 only contains sid/unstable.  There sarge is a symlink to sid.

sarge only contains sarge/testing.

gcc-3.4 is like pure64 just that it's using a different default

I've heard there are plans to properly integrate the sarge
archive into the pure64 archive.


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