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Re: switched to ubuntu

Dear Tollef Fog Heen,

my intention have never been to make an ofense to the ubuntu team. When I said 

> | Otherwise, to me the important thing is that it's a pity to have a
> | distro derived from debian that have resolved some question better
> | and there's no feedback to the original distro.

I was refering as I clearified in [1] about the improvements as you refer 
after. We are in october 04, and the improvements of the OpenOffice (for 
example)  are not reflected in the Debian port when in theory are done.

Ubuntu has an cd for installation with a complete distro, and pure64 has a bit 
difficult installation...

> It's true that some stuff hasn't been integrated yet (like
> Openoffice.org, like the fixup we need to do for ia32-libs), 
> but 
> saying that Ubuntu doesn't contribute back is just not fair.

There's something wrong in some part. I'm not saying that Ubuntu doesn't 
contribute back to debian. Maybe Debian is not taking the contributions of 
ubuntu .... If I'm saying that is a pity, I'm refering that they are done it 
better. I think that debian is the best distro by several reasons. But if 
some distro (worst if is derived from debian) do something better that the 
"original", urrrrr. Ok,? I'm talking about that, not if the Ubuntu's guys are 
hiding or not contributing things to debian. And, as we are talking of free 
software, if someone do something better than you, "use it",  it's ~GPL .

That's all.


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-amd64/2004/10/msg00142.html
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