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Re: recommendations for a barebone system

On Wed, 2004-10-13 at 03:36, Pablo Pita wrote:
> El Miércoles, 13 de Octubre de 2004 10:00, Eric Lacroix escribió:
> > I have this box, the sn85g4. I'm happy with its features. It runs quiet
> > if you set the fans at very low speed, and don't get too hot (with
> > Athlon64 3000+) (but not cool either).
> > Alas, it happens a problem when it gets its stabilized temperature : the
> > network interface drop out. Not working anymore. I checked on several
> > forums, and I'm not alone. I've tried to cool it with an extra quiet
> > fan, open the box ... but can't find what part of the mobo to cool.
> > Only set the fan speed at average fix the problem (what I don't too
> > because of the noise).
> > For now, I run with an extra ethernet board, but it use my unique PCI
> > slot.
> >

I have an SN85g4.  The trick with the ethernet is you need to boot it
with "noapic" on the kernel command line.  It works perfectly that way. 
Otherwise the ethernet will stop working after a few seconds of heavy

The only other problem I had, at the time, was the 1394 port showed up
as eth0.  I understand that's been fixed in the installer.

If you have this machine I recommend you use the powernowd package.  It
runs your CPU down to 1GHz when it's not busy.  My machine, which has
been in continuous use for a few months now, is running with a CPU temp
of 40C, fan speed 2200RPM.  Even under heavy load, with the CPU at
2.2GHz, the CPU temp stabilizes at 52C.  The cooler in this machine is
efficient and quiet.

Unfortunately I can't check the hard drive temperature because the SATA
driver doesn't support SMART (yet).

BTW I'm using the stock Debian kernel without problems.


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