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Re: recommendations for a barebone system

El Miércoles, 13 de Octubre de 2004 10:00, Eric Lacroix escribió:
> I have this box, the sn85g4. I'm happy with its features. It runs quiet
> if you set the fans at very low speed, and don't get too hot (with
> Athlon64 3000+) (but not cool either).
> Alas, it happens a problem when it gets its stabilized temperature : the
> network interface drop out. Not working anymore. I checked on several
> forums, and I'm not alone. I've tried to cool it with an extra quiet
> fan, open the box ... but can't find what part of the mobo to cool.
> Only set the fan speed at average fix the problem (what I don't too
> because of the noise).
> For now, I run with an extra ethernet board, but it use my unique PCI
> slot.
> Eric.
Thanks for your information. It is interesting to know about this issue... 

> PS: I'll try to post a few links later if you want.
Yes, I would be interested. 


Pablo Pita

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