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Re: g77-3.4

I was asked to forward this bug to Andreas Jochens.

the amd64 and the i386 (filed a bug with debian) suffer from the 
Bugzilla Bug 17541
[g77] data statements with double precision constants fail

The fix is here:


On Mon, Oct 11, 2004 at 11:16:34PM -0500, Nicholas Materer wrote:
> Does anyone know when the next revision of g77-3.4
> will be released?  I having problems due to a 
> known bug in g77-3.4.2-2 which is solved in
> next release.  The bug involved double precision 
> constants in Data statements.
> I did recompiled g77-3.4.2-2 after fixing the one line error
> and it now works - however I would like a correct version
> the the amd64 archive.

Please forward patch and description of this problem to our gcc 3.4
guru - Andreas Jochens <aj@andaco.de>.  I'm certain he will happily
apply any patches that fix gcc 3.4 toolchain faults.

Kåre Hviid                   ukh@id.cbs.dk                 +45 3815 3075
Sys Admin      Institut for Datalingvistik, Handelshøjskolen i København

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