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Re: No dma for via82cxxx

Cierto día Tue, 12 Oct 2004 13:38:09 -0300
alguien expulsó estas perlas:

>  Also check /proc/ide/via.


I have the same problem on a Asus k8 se deluxe running a 32bit sarge. My ide hda and hdc (dvd recorder) have no dma.

Mi 4 serial-ata disks do, but the ide one is the "system"  one and serial-ata ones are only for data.

Here is my /proc/ide/via for you to compare it. I do not see any problem on it

----------VIA BusMastering IDE Configuration----------------
Driver Version:                     3.38
South Bridge:                       VIA vt8237
Revision:                           ISA 0x0 IDE 0x6
Highest DMA rate:                   UDMA133
BM-DMA base:                        0xfc00
PCI clock:                          33.3MHz
Master Read  Cycle IRDY:            0ws
Master Write Cycle IRDY:            0ws
BM IDE Status Register Read Retry:  yes
Max DRDY Pulse Width:               No limit
-----------------------Primary IDE-------Secondary IDE------
Read DMA FIFO flush:          yes                 yes
End Sector FIFO flush:         no                  no
Prefetch Buffer:              yes                 yes
Post Write Buffer:            yes                 yes
Enabled:                      yes                 yes
Simplex only:                  no                  no
Cable Type:                   80w                 80w
Transfer Mode:       UDMA       PIO      UDMA       PIO
Address Setup:      120ns     120ns     120ns     120ns
Cmd Active:         360ns     360ns     360ns     360ns
Cmd Recovery:       210ns     210ns     210ns     210ns
Data Active:         90ns     330ns      90ns     330ns
Data Recovery:       30ns     270ns      30ns     270ns
Cycle Time:          15ns     600ns      60ns     600ns
Transfer Rate:  133.3MB/s   3.3MB/s  33.3MB/s   3.3MB/s

My modules:

Module                  Size  Used by
nvidia               4819764  12
8250                   18784  0
serial_core            19648  1 8250
ipt_state               1536  1
iptable_mangle          2176  0
iptable_nat            20460  0
ip_conntrack           29440  2 ipt_state,iptable_nat
iptable_filter          2240  1
ip_tables              15744  4 ipt_state,iptable_mangle,iptable_nat,iptable_filter
via82cxxx              11100  0 [permanent]
rtc                    10296  0

ide generic is compiled into the kernel (2.6.7)
If someone solves his problem, the solution would be apreciated

sorry for my English :) 

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