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Re: doom3 slowness

Kaneda Langley wrote:
hi all, i'm a bit of a gamer and doom3 performance is low too low to be playable :( running debian pure64 with the nvidia 6111 drivers, kernel 2.6.8-3-amd64-k8, Geforce FX5200, 1GB ram, AMD64 2ghz.
I have quake3 running stable at 120fps
doom3 runs at 12fps.

The FX5200 may just not be up for it. Afaik, FX5200 is basically a GF4MX440 upgraded to support DX9 features. A good GF3 card could quite possibly outperform your FX5200.

Doom 3 performs very well on my GF6800 GT, and if you really are a bit of a gamer I'd recommend investing in it. (My system is pure64, 512MB RAM, athlon64 3000+, 6111 drivers, basically the same as yours except the video card.) I haven't had any problems with the AGPGART in the stock kernel.

Of course, 12 fps is _really_ bad, so there might be some other problem. I would expect it to do ~30fps with the lowest settings.. Make sure there aren't any FSAA-stuff turned on in nvidia-settings and stuff.


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