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mzscheme and amd64

The debian version of drscheme and mzscheme is 207, which does not have support for amd64 and fails to compile, so the package is missing from the amd64 archive.

The latest version of drscheme is 208, which was released in August, and it contains support for amd64. I was able to download the 208 source and apply the drscheme_207-3.diff.gz. There were two rejects which I fixed, and I needed to make one small change to debian/rules. I was then able to successfully build the mzscheme package, and have been using it the past few days. Of course, I have not tested everything but it seems to be working. (This is with the gcc-3.4 archive)

If anyone is interested, I can send the drscheme_208-1.diff.gz file I created.


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