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Re: mzscheme and amd64

On 04-Oct-07 17:45, John Lenz wrote:
> The debian version of drscheme and mzscheme is 207, which does not have  
> support for amd64 and fails to compile, so the package is missing from the  
> amd64 archive.
> The latest version of drscheme is 208, which was released in August, and it 
> contains support for amd64.  I was able to download the 208 source and  
> apply the drscheme_207-3.diff.gz.  There were two rejects which I fixed,  
> and I needed to make one small change to debian/rules.  I was then able to  
> successfully build the mzscheme package, and have been using it the past  
> few days.   Of course, I have not tested everything but it seems to be  
> working.  (This is with the gcc-3.4 archive)
> If anyone is interested, I can send the drscheme_208-1.diff.gz file I  
> created.

If you send me your drscheme_208-1.diff.gz, I can upload drscheme to 
the gcc-3.4 archive. Additionally you could send it to the maintainer
of the drscheme package.

Andreas Jochens

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