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Debian SID AMD64 success on MSI K8T-NEO2

It works! Out of the box!

I successfully installed AMD64 SID with the installer mirrored on
bach.hpc2n.umu.se! I am using the updated 2.8.6-4 kernel. I can
even run D2X, Q3, UT, FAKK2 and NWN in a chroot!

The only problems were with the nvidia-installer which were quickly
figured out.

Hardware tested so far:

on-board VIA PATA 8237 ok
on-board IEEE1394 ok
on-board RTL8110s ok (with 100MBit)
on-board VIA USB ok (BIOS cannot boot from USB)
PCI Tekram SCSI U2W (LSI/Symbios 82C895) ok

on-board via8235 audio (little problems see below)

UT has crashed once after the via82c8xx module gave
Assertion failed! chan->is_active == sg_active(chan->iobase),\

I did not try any RAID or SATA configuration.

A great "Thank you!" to all who made this possible. You guys rock!


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