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Re: nvidia but no glx

Sebastian Steinlechner wrote:
> The problem here is, that /usr/lib64 is a symlink to /usr/lib in debian
> pure64 (though I don't know why that is).

You answered your own question-statement without realizing it.  By
"pure64" you can tell that it is a pure 64-bit system in the same way
that an i386 installation is a pure 32-bit system.  That is to say
that /usr/lib is the native architecture.  On amd64 the native
architecture is 64-bits so /usr/lib is the natural location for the
native 64-bit libraries.  As a pure system it does not have
accommodations for the older, troubled, and obsolete biarch nor the
newer but not yet implemented multiarch.  The symlink from lib64
pointing to lib is an accommodation for the older biarch model.

However, having said that, working toward multiarch is definitely a
high priority.  And the underlying cpu and kernel does have the
capability to run both 64-bit and 32-bit architectures on the same
system.  It is possible to run both and most of us do.  But it is not
not wonderfully pretty at the moment.  That is what multiarch is
supposed to solve.

Much of the add-on software from non-debian origin is targeting less
enlightened distributions using a different system architecture model
and so issues like these are going to be common on Debian amd64 for a
while.  That is going to be a task that many on this list will be
working through in the days ahead.  Debugging, patching, educating,
and advocating.  I still would not trade it out since I believe the
effort to create a better Debian is worthwhile.


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