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Re: nvidia but no glx

> The problem here is, that /usr/lib64 is a symlink to /usr/lib in debian
> pure64 (though I don't know why that is). The nvidia installer tries to
> install all its 64bit libs in /usr/lib64 (so they are effectively
> written to /usr/lib) and then writes the 32bit libs in /usr/lib. That's
> where you get the error - because the 64bit libs are already there.
> It's 
> obviously a Bad Thing and I'd like to see this fixed...
Yes this would be nice, I was running gentoo and fedora 2 before wich has this 
lib32 directory, 

> Whatever, if you don't need the 32bit libraries, then you might just
> remove the /usr/lib64 symlink and create a real directory instead. Run
> the installer, then copy the contents of /usr/lib64 over to /usr/lib and
> make it a symlink again. If you want to use the 32bit libraries as well,
> you have to manually copy them to /emul/ia32-linux/usr/lib - it's
> probably easiest to tell the nvidia installer to just extract all the
> files in a directory and then copy them over by hand.
This worked, glx is now running, thank you

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