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Re: video card ?

> On Mon 06 Sep 2004 09:20:26 PM CEST, Thomas J. Zeeman wrote:
>> I have just ordered the Asus (in the 128 MB edition) and will get it
>> this
>> weekend. I you want to I can mail you if I get it to work with Debian
>> AMD64.

Unfortunately the supplier could no longer deliver the Asus V9570 and I
got a AOpen 6800LE instead. I cannot tell you how that card works under
Linux, yet.
It is not so quiet as the P650 I had :(, but a whole lot faster playing
C&C :).

> Pity... the 650 is supposed to be a nice card, I bought based on my
> experince of
> the dual DVI 550, it worked fine, even without the HAL library. :-(

Yup. That was why I bought the P650 too. But I have learned since that
Matrox does not really support Linux anymore. Especially WRT the
Parhelia-series. :(


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