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Re: Directory not getting installed right (or am I just being really stupid?)

Alan Woodland <ajw2@aber.ac.uk> writes:

> I'm really quite confused by this one:
> When installing an architecture:all package the
> mozilla-firefox/extensions/{FFA36170-80B1-4535-B0E3-A4569E497DD0}/
> directory appears to exist exactly how I expected, and on i386 the
> mozilla-thunderbird/extensions/{FFA36170-80B1-4535-B0E3-A4569E497DD0}/
> directory exists as expected too. On both i386 and amd64 dpkg -L shows
> the directories as expected, but the
> thunderbird/extensions/{FFA36170-80B1-4535-B0E3-A4569E497DD0} does not
> exist at all on my amd64 machine. In the diff below the machine with
> the extra lines is the i386 one.
> I have CC'd this email to debian-amd64 because I suspect (but am not
> 100% sure) that it could for some reason (I'm not familiar with dpkg
> internals) be a problem which only manifests itself on amd64. (It
> works exactly as expected on i386, and I have no other architectures
> to test it on).

8< snip >8

Have you checked your diversions?

/usr/sbin/dpkg-divert --list


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